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Are You Overwhelmed and Don’t Know Where to Turn Anymore Due to Your Own, or Someone Else’s Alcohol or Drug Use?
You Are Not Alone! We are Here to Help!

Alcohol, substance or drug addiction are incredibly confusing, overwhelming and extremely painful times for both the person addicted and their loved ones.

It can be difficult to know where to  turn and how to go about getting help.   We encourage you to pick up the phone.

ADHL  has been serving the general public and the professional community since  1979.  ADHL has a history as a vital and  respected community resource.

Find Treatment for Substance Abuse

Call 24-Hour Toll-Free Treatment Referral Helpline

We can help you with the following topics and so much more:

Intervention / Intervening
Alcohol Treatment / Rehab
Drug Treatment / Rehab
Inpatient Treatment / Rehab
Outpatient Treatment / Rehab
Family / Loved Ones’ issues that have developed due to the person’s use

How can I access treatment services?

It  is important to remember that regardless of your age, level of income or type  of insurance, even if you have no insurance at all, there are services we can  refer you to for support and treatment.   There are many different agencies that offer different types of programs  and can address your level of need.

I’m  concerned about a friend or family member’s use, what can I do?

Drug  and alcohol use affect everyone within a family.  Many of our callers are looking for help for their friend or family member.  We can also provide support, education, and  appropriate referrals for those who are looking to help loved ones.

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